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An equine dental veterinarian, also known as an equine dentist or horse dentist, has the knowledge, experience and equipment to prevent pain and offer horse owners the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals.

Dental disease causes pain and suffering for many horses. It is very common, and often left untreated or incorrectly treated, due to a lack of understanding, poor equipment and limited training in this field.

This site helps you to find equine dental vets in your area. All veterinarians undergo extensive training in providing animal health care, and the vets listed on this site have all completed recognised further training specifically in equine dentistry. There is range of levels and experience ranging from fundamental principles to higher levels of professional qualification. Use this site to learn more about equine dental care (horse dentistry) and to select an equine dental vet.

Or browse our articles from vets about caring for your horse, how to choose a good service provider, things you need to know to ensure your horse is healthy and happy.

Only trust registered and trained equine dental vet professionals! All our members are qualified professional veterinarians.

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Here at EquineDentalVets.com we are passionate about the best care for your horse when it come to horse dentists.

Dr Shannon Lee - EDV representative


Caring for Your Horse's Penis

Dr Rebecca Walshe of Canberra Equine Hospital discusses the appropriate management of geldings' and stallions' sheaths and penises.

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We Love EquineDentalVets

Melbourne Vet School students understand the value of professional equine dentistry.

Equine Dentistry - what it's all about

In 30 seconds or less - Dr Paul Owens makes the point for quality professional equine dentistry.

Body Condition Scoring for Horses

Dr Shannon Lee talks with Dr Jennifer Stewart about Body Condition Scoring and how you can use this important tool to keep your horse in top condition.

Horse Teeth

Assoc. Prof. Gary Wilson talks to Dr Shannon Lee about horse teeth.

Dental Anatomy - what you need to know

Dental Anatomy - what you need to know

Why is it important to learn about the internal workings of the horse's head? How do equine teeth differ from human teeth?

Dr Shannon Lee from Advanced Equine Dentistry explains that a lack of understanding amongst horse owners can have serious welfare consequences.

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Don't Forget the Teeth!

Don't Forget the Teeth!

Many people think that equine dentistry is just floating the teeth, and many owners believe that just about anyone can perform equine "dentistry", from the trainer to the farrier. Shannon Lee, BVSc MACVSc, who has been practicing solely equine dentistry since 2006, cringes when he thinks about how little owners think about equine dentistry.

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Body Condition Scoring for Horses

Body Condition Scoring for Horses

Obesity is becoming a major health concern in horses (and people) all around the world, and is increasingly recognised as an equine welfare issue because it compromises both health and performance, but can you recognise if your horse is too fat or, for that matter, too thin?

In this article, Dr Jennifer Stewart, an equine veterinarian and researcher who specialises in equine nutrition, discusses in detail the importance of keeping horses...

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Sinus Disease in Horses

Sinus Disease in Horses

How many times in your life have you suffered from the common cold or flu? Colds and Flu involve infection and inflammation of your sinuses, the hollow areas of the head connected to your nasal cavity.

Snotty noses and all those other symptoms that make you feel miserable, are fairly common in horses. Without a thorough investigation, diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause, sinus disease can become chronic, and will...

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