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An equine dental veterinarian, also known as an equine dentist or horse dentist, has the knowledge, experience and equipment to prevent pain and offer horse owners the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals.

Dental disease causes pain and suffering for many horses. It is very common, and often left untreated or incorrectly treated, due to a lack of understanding, poor equipment and limited training in this field.

This site helps you to find equine dental vets in your area. All veterinarians undergo extensive training in providing animal health care, and the vets listed on this site have all completed recognised further training specifically in equine dentistry. There is range of levels and experience ranging from fundamental principles to higher levels of professional qualification. Use this site to learn more about equine dental care (horse dentistry) and to select an equine dental vet.

Or browse our articles from vets about caring for your horse, how to choose a good service provider, things you need to know to ensure your horse is healthy and happy.

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You can trust EDV Members - all around the globe!

You can trust EDV Members - all around the globe!

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Why Choose an Equine Dental Vet (EDV)?

Why Choose an Equine Dental Vet (EDV)?

As a horse owner, you are entitled to expect that the person you are paying to practise dentistry on your horse is properly trained, accredited, insured, regulated and represents value for money.

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Browse our Vet Listings

Only trust registered and trained equine dental vet professionals! All our members are qualified professional veterinarians.

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Read published articles from Vet Professionals

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Checklist for Your Vet

Checklist for Your Vet

A quality equine dental vet will easily meet the following criteria. These are the questions you should ask any person treating your horses.

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All our EDVTV videos feature and are produced by veterinary professionals, so you can be sure your getting up-to-date, safe and reliable advice.

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Latest Articles

Our latest articles written by EDV vet members as published in top equine publications. Browse our article archives for much more!

Heart Disease

By Dr Katharyn Mitchell BVSc

The horse has an extraordinary heart, capable of pumping 30 to 40 litres per minute at rest and up to 250 litres per minute around the body during peak exercise. However, like all things, this magnificent piece of engineering can fail.

Heart disease can cause poor performance since it is directly related to the ability of the heart to pump blood loaded with oxygen around the body. If the pumping ability is reduced, then the body does not get enough oxygen and poor performance occurs. From mild forms that may result in poor performance to severe disease, collapse or even death, heart disease is more common than most people realise.

In this article, Dr Katharyn Mitchell, explains the most common heart conditions and how they will affect the horse.


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Respiratory Disease - Overview

By Dr Deryck Tan BVSc MANZCVSc

Horses are elite athletes and peak performance demands an optimally functioning respiratory system.
The respiratory tract delivers oxygen to the cells for cellular respiration and energy production, and excretes carbon dioxide, the waste product.

In this article, Dr Deryck Tan, from Valley Equine Veterinary Centre gives an overview of the anatomy of the respiratory tract and the most common respiratory conditions that compromise its optimum performance

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What's that Bump?

By Dr Sarah Behan

It is common to suddenly discover your horse has one or more lumps or bumps somewhere on Its body.

In this article Dr Sarah Behan from from Equine Veterinary Dentistry explains some of the common skin conditions that may show up as lumps and bumps. As with most conditions, a correct veterinary diagnosis will determine the exact cause, so if you are unsure, the lump persists, it is painful or in...

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Equine Osteoarthritis

By Dr James Meyer

Lameness is one of the top three areas of equine veterinary medicine, along with colic and reproduction. Joint disease is the most common cause of lameness and results from pain during movement. In this article, Dr James Meyer walks us through the causes, disagnoses and treatments for lameness.

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By Dr Andrew Lamont

Stomach ulcers affect both, foals and adult horses and are reported to occur in up to 93% of thoroughbreds, 70% of endurance horses and 60% of performance horses in training. The vast majority of horses that have stomach ulcers do not, however, exhibit obvious clinical signs, hindering the diagnosis and thus treatment of the condition...

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