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Dr Jo Hoad

Uralla Veterinary Clinic
116 Bridge St, Uralla NSW 2358, Australia

Ph: 02 6778 3133

Dr Rachel Kent

Go Vet Mobile Veterinary Service
26 Brooksfield Dr, Sarina Beach QLD 4737, Australia

Ph: 0427 824 307


Cox Street Vets
87 Cox St, Hamilton VIC 3300, Australia

Ph: 0355711202

Dr Andrew Dunn

Moe Veterinary Centre
31 Lloyd Street, Moe VIC 3825, Australia

Ph: 03 51273511

Dr Stephen Barton

Dr Penelope Thomson

Progressive Equine Veterinary Services
45 Paxtons Ln, Mansfield VIC 3722, Australia

Ph: 0457 808 081

Dr David Searle

Dr David Searle

Central West Equine
960 Cadia Rd, Springside NSW 2800, Australia

Ph: (02) 63654363

Dr Greg Rodda & Associates

Dr Greg Rodda & Associates

Meadows Veterinary Centre
2 Battunga Road, Meadows SA 5201, Australia

Ph: 08 83883455

Dr Andrew Cust

Ballarat Equine Clinic
54 Midas Road, Miners Rest VIC 3352, Australia

Ph: 03 5334 6756

Dr Clare Williams Paterson

Kyabram Veterinary Clinic
77 McCormick Rd, Kyabram VIC 3620, Australia

Ph: 0477004043

Dr Andrew Johnstone

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street, Deniliquin, NSW

Ph: 03 5881 5488

Dr Graeme Pearce

Dr greg sezun

vets on eyre
4 Proper Bay Rd, Port Lincoln SA 5606, Australia

Dr Annemarie Kemmink

Dr Annemarie Kemmink

AK&K Equine Services
171 Gilles Street, Miners Rest VIC 3352, Australia

Ph: 0408016323

Dr Claire Dennis

Riverina Equine Veterinary Services & Charles Sturt University
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia

Ph: 0427003031

Dr Sarah Ward

Maffravet Veterinary Centre
10 Johnson St Maffravet Vic 3860

Ph: 0351471177

Dr Emma Mainprize

Dr Emma Mainprize

Mainprize Veterinary Services
Mundarlo NSW 2729, Australia

Ph: 0447972287

Dr Don Crosby

Don Crosby Veterinary Surgeons
327 Darling St, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia

Ph: 0268855544

Dr Sam Nugent

Scone Equine Hospital
106 Liverpool Street, Scone NSW 2337, Australia

Ph: 0427140604

Dr Kirsten Jackson

Dr Kirsten Jackson

Dental Vet
440 Nicholson Rd, Forrestdale WA 6112, Australia

Ph: 0439 956 368

Dr Grace Clifford

Dr Katelyn Stretton

Dr Denia Gilheany

Tarwin veterinary group
195 south Gippsland highway Leongatha

Ph: 03 5662 2251

Dr Tamika Spann

Boonah Veterinary Hospital

Ph: 5463 1339

Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee

Advanced Equine Dentistry
Annangrove NSW 2156, Australia

Ph: 0418 598 621

Dr Andrew Lamont

Riverina Equine Veterinary Services
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia

Ph: 0422154301

Dr Duncan Runciman

Gippsland Equine Hospital
31 Beet Rd, Maffra VIC 3860, Australia

Ph: 0351471177

Dr Greg Ireland

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital
106 Brisbane St, East Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia

Ph: 0428659281

Dr Michelle Clinch

Revelwood Veterinary Services
Konda Rd Somersby NSW 2250

Dr Kim Bensch

Dr Kim Bensch

Lithgow Veterinary Hospital
239 Main Street, Lithgow NSW 2790, Australia

Ph: 02 6351 3269

Dr Miesja Reynolds

Lancefield Equine Clinic
3422 Melbourne Lancefield Road, Lancefield VIC 3435, Australia

Ph: 0354291609

Dr Steven Bliss

Gray Street Vet Clinic
43 Gray Street, Emerald QLD 4720, Australia

Ph: 0749824868

Dr Olivia James

Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Service
Clayfield, QLD 4011, Australia

Dr Laif Mearns

Dr Rachel O'Higgins

Dartbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic
410 Bunnan rd Scone NSW 2337

Dr Jules Vandenbergh

Collie Veterinary Services
2 Lefroy St, Collie WA 6225, Australia

Ph: 08 9734 1155

Dr Rohan Luxmoore

Gisborne Veterinary Clinic
12 Robertson Street, Gisborne VIC 3437, Australia

Ph: 03 5428 2805

Dr Jantien Saltet

Dr Jantien Saltet

Hilltops Equine Centre
63 Isaacs road Young NSW 2594

Ph: 0429991665

Dr Christina Darmody

Byron Bay Equine Dentistry
Cape Byron Walking Track, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

Ph: 0412 746 465

Dr Ameliah Scott

Kyabram Veterinary Clinic
77 McCormick Rd, Kyabram VIC 3620, Australia

Ph: (03)58 522 244

Dr Cody Shannon

Dr Suzie Ogrady

Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee

Advanced Equine Dentistry
Mornington VIC 3931, Australia

Ph: 0418 598 621

Dr Georgia Gurney

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital
10 Main St, Samford Village QLD 4520, Australia

Ph: 07) 32891322

Dr Kate Howison

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street, Deniliquin, NSW

Ph: 03 5881 5488

Dr Nigel McMahon

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street, Deniliquin, NSW

Ph: 03 5881 5488

Dr Hugo Radford

Dr Trent Jorgensen

Dr Megan Bridger

Dr Luke Dawson

Bega & Cobargo Veterinary Hospitals
9-11 Ridge St, North Bega NSW 2550, Australia

Ph: 0264921837

Dr David Bartholomeusz

Veresdale Equine Vets and Hoof N paws Vets
118 Veresdale Scrub Rd, Gleneagle QLD 4280, Australia

Ph: 0428369670

Dr Bronte Sutton

Dr Rob Caska

Wyong Equine Clinic
Somersby, NSW

Ph: 02 43535929

Dr Gary Wilson

Dr Gary Wilson

Advanced Animal Dentistry Pty Ltd
Wellington Point QLD

Ph: 0418 873 434

Jen Clulow

Tamworth Equine Veterinary Centre
152 King George V Ave, East Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia

Ph: 0267664333


Orange Veterinary Hospital
57 Molong Road, Orange NSW 2800, Australia

Ph: 0263618388

Dr Andrew Easton

Kuranda and Mareeba Veterinary Services
1 Mount Haren Rd, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia

Ph: 07 4093 7283

Dr Oliver Liyou

Dr Oliver Liyou

Equine Veterinary & Dental Services
51 Duncans Road, Clarenza NSW 2460, Australia

Ph: 266424700

Dr Steven Mrljak

Dungog Veterinary Hospital
9 Brown St, Dungog NSW 2420, Australia

Ph: 02 4992 1577

Dr Kurt Enzinger

Elite Equine Veterinarians
110 Kennedy Road, Macclesfield VIC 3782, Australia

Ph: 0412619740

Dr Shelley Topham

Dr Tom Graham

Coolac Veterinary Services
640 Lewins Lane, Tumblong NSW 2729, Australia

Ph: 422050019

Dr Pia Steers

Dr Pia Steers

Pia Steers
Kootingal NSW 2352, Australia

Ph: 0437708205

Dr Greg Powell

Inverell & Warialda Veterinary Clinic
32 Sweaney St, Inverell NSW 2360, Australia

Ph: (02) 67210266

Dr Kendra McLeod

University of Adelaide EHPC

Ph: 08 83131999

Dr Katherine Wilcox

Avenel Equine Hospital
34 Ferguson Ln, Avenel VIC 3664, Australia

Ph: 0429815596