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Dr Penelope Thomson

Progressive Equine Veterinary Services
45 Paxtons Ln, Mansfield VIC 3722, Australia

Ph: 0457 808 081

Dr Ally Reid

North Australian Veterinary Group

Dr Amy Quinn

Dr Keira Sharman

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital

Ph: 0447 007 708

Dr Thomas Barnwell

Ph: 478963353

Dr Zoe Manning

Murray Valley Vet
22 Tinklers Rd, Picola VIC 3639, Australia

Ph: 0448882643

Dr Banjo Davison

Piper St Veterinary Clinic

Dr Amber Davis

Central West Equine Practice

Ph: 02363654363

Dr Courtney Bartels

Esk Veterinary Services

Dr Kyra-Ashlee Wilhelm

Meadows Veterinary Centre

Ph: 0883883455

Dr Georgie Whatmore

Western Rivers Veterinary Group

Dr Miesja Reynolds

Lancefield Equine Clinic
3422 Melbourne Lancefield Rd, Lancefield 3435

Ph: 0354291609

Dr Craig Simon

Craig Simon Equine Veterinary Services
62 Double Jump Rd Victoria Point

Ph: 0409059808

Dr Laura Daffy

16 Elliot Road

Dr Kim Bensch

Dr Kim Bensch

Blue Mountains Equine Dentistry
Lithgow NSW 2790, Australia

Ph: 0412682972

Dr Isabella Rynia

Progressive Equine Veterinary Services

Dr Kathleen Schroeder

Vet Cross Bundaberg/Gin Gin

Ph: 0437 052 130

Dr Alexandra Chick

Moreton Bay Equine

Ph: 0437 292 533

Dr Olivia James

Dr Olivia James

Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry Pty Ltd
Brisbane Australia

Ph: 0417660794

Dr Clarie Stewart

Bell Veterinary Services

Dr Mia Quinton

Midwest Veterinary Centre
117 Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton

Dr Jessica Butt

Mudgee Vet Hospital

Ph: 0438962945

Dr Angela Cannell

Wooroolin Vet Services

Ph: 0417 421 615

Dr Grace Tansley

Progressive Equine Veterinary Services

Ph: 0409 879 825

Dr Daniel MacDonald

Roma Vet Clinic

Ph: 0400 133 211

Dr Anja Sandring

Callide Valley Veterinary Clinic

Dr Mika Bridges

Darling Downs Vet Hospital

Dr Kate Richards

Dr Kate Richards

Riverbend Equine Services Pty Ltd

Ph: 0427 370 570

Dr Catherine Charlton

Tasmanian Equine Veterinary Services

Ph: 0488 773 180

Dr Emma Mainprize

Dr Emma Mainprize

Mainprize Veterinary Services
Mundarlo NSW 2729, Australia

Ph: 0447972287

Dr Libby Cooper

Vet in the Valley

Dr Elizabeth Curnick

Dr Elizabeth Curnick

Maryborough Veterinary Practice
Maryborough Veterinary Practice

Ph: 0354614466

Dr Khiani Chamberlain-Mortimer

Byron Bay Equine Veterinary Practice

Ph: 0412 905 159

Dr Damien Smith

Gympie Vet Service

Ph: (07) 5482 2488

Dr Jasmine Thompson

Bega Vet Hospital

Ph: 0468 571 273

Dr Madeleine Heyn

Dr Michelle Noga

Riverina Mobile Vet & Equine Dentistry
Lake Wyangan

Dr Emma Young

Charleville Vet Surgery

Dr Tamara Clarson

Dr Wade Shrives

Gympie Veterinary Services
Gympie Vet Services

Ph: 0455224511

Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee

Advanced Equine Dentistry
Mornington VIC 3931, Australia

Ph: 0418 598 621

Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Kilmore Equine Clinic

Ph: 0428555407

Dr Vanesa Bai

Western Namoi Veterinary Services

Dr Jess Beare

Glen Innes Vet Hospital

Ph: 0419 475 683

Dr Simone McColgan

Arcadia Equine Veterinary Services

Ph: 0422 786 653

Dr Edward Maxwell

Warwick Equine Veterinarians

Ph: 0433 556 409

Dr Belinda McLean

Knox Veterinary Clinic

Dr Gary Wilson

Dr Gary Wilson

Advanced Animal Dentistry Pty Ltd
Wellington Point QLD

Ph: 0418 873 434

Dr Stephanie Dunlop

Don Crosby Veterinary Surgeons

Dr Bri Brooks

Clermont Veterinary Surgery

Dr Steve Barton

Equine Veterinary & Dental Services
51 Duncans Rd, Clarenza NSW 2460, Australia

Ph: 02 66 424 700

Dr Tori Carroll

Tropical Vets
suite 10/50 Northshore Blvd, Burdell

Dr Alexandra Dziaduch

Esk Veterinary Services

Ph: 0413 659 070

Dr Laura Nesbitt

Western Namoi Veterinary Services

Ph: 0408 402 314

Dr Steven Mrljak

Dungog Veterinary Hospital
9 Brown St Dungog NSW 2420

Ph: 02 4992 1577

Dr Gerrie Folmer

Gympie Veterinary Services

Ph: 0437 764 076

Dr Lisa Trigg

EHPC, University of Adelaide

Dr Olivia Nugent

Broadford Equine and Dental Services
355 Broadford-Glenaroua Rd, Broadford, Victoria, Australia

Ph: 0411249488

Dr Stephaine Macdonald

Elite Equine Veterinarians
110 Kennedy Road, Macclesfield

Dr Liam Mowbray

Gloucester District Vets
Gloucester District Vets

Ph: 02 6558 1504

Dr Michaela Plata

Allpets Veterinary Clinic Narrabri

Dr Cameron Duffy

Central Vet Services

Ph: 6341 1768

Dr Alex Ashworth

Great Artesian Vet Surgery

Dr Amanda Drilling

Kilmore Equine Clinic

Dr Jade Noyes

Barkly Street Vets

Ph: 0404 759 085

Dr Hanah Holm

Central Veterinary Surgery Mareeba

Dr Amy Birch

Dr Caitlyn Mittelstadt

Clermont Veterinary Surgery

Dr Keryn Gane

Kingborough Equine Vets

Ph: 0429487254

Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee

Advanced Equine Dentistry
Annangrove NSW 2156, Australia

Ph: 0418 598 621

Dr Emma Sutton

Cowra Veterinary Centre

Ph: 0407 459 472

Dr Brenna Robertson

Goondiwindi & District Veterinary Services

Ph: 0427 936 839

Dr Rachel Kent

Go Vet Mobile Veterinary Service
26 Brooksfield Dr, Sarina Beach QLD 4737, Australia

Ph: 0427 824 307

Dr Georgina Simcock

Roma Vet Clinic

Dr Eden Faulkner

Moreton Bay Equine

Dr Harry Roach

Yass Valley Veterinary

Ph: 0477 807 314

Dr Courtney Scott

Charleville Vet Surgery

Ph: 0437 080 065

Dr Nathan Noble

Noble Equine Dentistry and Mobile Veterinary Services
243 Back Sandy Gully Rd, Sandy Gully NSW 2729, Australia

Ph: 0428446317

Dr Jordana Hill

Gracemere Veterinary Surgery

Ph: 49331426